1. Get buff/cut
  2. Get Network+ certified
  3. Get Security+ certified
  4. Bowl every Sunday
  5. Send book to publishers
  6. Learn guitar
BACK RAISES 3X10 3X10 3X10
CRUNCHES 2X20 2X20 2X20
TOE TOUCHES 2X20 2X20 2X20

This is my workout routine for the next 3 weeks. My first routine was a break-in routine, and it seems I’ve hit a plateau from it. In routine #2, I’ve decided to concentrate more on dumbbell exercises since it uses my muscles in a wider range of motion, hitting the spots where I couldn’t even feel when doing it on a bench press or machine. I’d do chest/back/shoulders on Mondays and Thursdays, biceps/triceps on Tuesdays and Fridays, and legs on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Sundays are rest days. For abs, I do a 2-minute workout each day, no break. I do a 15-20 minute cardio workout, which right now is usually cycle workout, every day after I lift. On Sundays, I’d ride my awesome red GT bike around the hood 😀 makes me feel like a kid again.

The Girl on the Mountain

August 12, 2014

I remember once when I was scared

Of new passions and dreams all seen in your stare

You held on to me while I remained confused

Your pain and your pride, all left abused

We had highs and lows, mountains to climb

But you never gave up, as the top was divine

And during that climb, there were times you took a fall

You grabbed the ledge, rose up and evolved

At the top, you were right, it’s divine

Had you given up, I would never see this silver line

Thank you again for holding on to me

We’ve climbed the mountain, now lets explore the sea





Edward Elric

Nothing can get better than FMA. Great storyline, funny characters, and action-packed. A story about two brothers, Ed and Al, who tried resurrecting their mother through alchemy. During the process, they suffered mental and physical injuries…Ed losing an arm and leg, and the other brother cast  as a suit of armor. Their adventure starts by becoming state alchemists, master the trade, and have access to restricted resources in order to get their normal bodies back, all the while discovering the mysteries behind alchemy. If you haven’t watched this anime yet, then get on it. People who like Naruto, Sword Art Online, or ever liked playing the OLD Final Fantasy, this is the show that you should be currently streaming if you haven’t yet.

Here’s to another mundane New Year’s Resolution list that I will most likely not achieve just like 95% of the people in this country. I’m going to make a list anyways, though, just in case I accidentally achieve them unknowingly.

1. Start transitioning

2. Learn 3 new songs in guitar

3. Get muscle mass

4. Build computer

5. Set up home theatre

6. Get A+ certified

7. Play fantasy football

8. Sign up for NPTI

9. Become expert bowler

10. Start boxing

11. Start Disk Jockey

The Cheesy Tale of Renegade Poopersaurus and Teeny Tiny-Heart Tepinator

Once upon a time there was a land called Cheesyville. The people who lived there were all jolly, corny folk who loved a good cheesy punch line. They were all about laughter, joy, and most important, love. Especially the cheesy kind!

A dinosaur, the only one of its kind, named Renegade Poopersaurus, dreamt of living in Cheesyville. All the heartaches from the other dinosaurs in Dinoland who laughed at her made her heart sink. All she can think of is to one day make a journey to the West to Cheesyville. However, if she wanted to live there, she would need to find a way to sail across the ocean.

One day, she had an idea. She asked a group of flying pterodactyls to fly her across the sea. Of course, the pterodactyls wanted a price—300 chocolate chip cookies. Renegade Poopersaurus needed those cookies…she worked so hard for them. But, she thought, that Cheesyville would be worth all the cookies in the world.

So the next day she set flight to Cheesyville. She gave the pterodactyls a workout, but Renegade Poopersaurus was having a blast watching them sweat. Across the Atlantic Ocean she went!

When she got to Cheesyville, she was amazed. All the cheesiness in the world!!! The people were laughing and singing and dancing! EVERYONE had a significant other with them, holding and kissing with one another. All but one. She spotted a short little robot with a bionic arm and a big thing of hair on his scalp. He looked sad…and lonely. She stared at him to see him walking into the Chocolate Chip Delight Shop.  She decided to follow him in there.

“Greetings, welcome to the Chocolate Chip Delight Shop, where our cookies will make you melt…..” greeted the short stranger in a monotonous voice. Well, it wasn’t a greeting, more like a phrase. “Um, oh, hi,” replied Poopersaurus. “Hi,” responded the robot. And this is how the conversation went:

“I’ve never seen a dinosaur like you before…what the heck are you?”

“UGH! How RUDE!!!”

“Well, I’m just asking. I mean, what are you? Part stegosaurus slash t-rex slash triceratops slash question mark??

“WOW! RUDE!!!”

“I’m just asking…what’s the big deal? Well, are you going to buy anything or what?”

“NO! Not from YOU! You are RUDE! Good day.”

“Fine, good day, then, but you will find no better cookie store here. I’m the best in Cheesyville.”


Renegade Poopersaurus couldn’t believe it. All this time, she thought coming to Cheesyville would be great. But that rude robot made a bad impression! Never again will she go back to that cookie store! She went off her way to find other adventure and possibly a job and home.


Renegade Poopersaurus was still not happy. She actually MISSED Dinoland. She couldn’t find a place to live, a job, or anyone that was single. Everyone in Cheesyville was TOO happy, TOO cheesy, and TOO friendly. She realized that even though the people were nice and all, it was just too unrealistic to be happy and lovey dovey ALL the time. So she decided to move back to Dinoland where she lived comfortably. At least the other dinosaurs were normal. But how to get back? She would need the Pterodactyls again. She called them up on a Cheesy Payphone and asked for a ride back. Of course, though, they wanted a price. “10,000 cookies!” they all cheered in unison! “10,000?!?! That’s so much! Why such high a price?!” asked Poopersaurus. “Well, we feel that this will be the last time you will cross the waters, so we are charging you a big price!! HEHEHEHEHE!!!” replied the pterodactyls. This made Renegade Poopersaurus upset. Where can she find 10,000 cookies?! That would take a long time to make and it would be expensive!!! She thought of the robot back at the cookie store…and decided to trek back down the road to his shop.

“Greetings, welcome to the Chocolate Chip Delight Shop, where our cookies will make you melt…..” greeted the short stranger in a monotonous voice. Well, it wasn’t a greeting, more like a phrase. “Um, oh, hi,” replied Poopersaurus. “Hi,” responded the robot. And this is how the conversation went:

“Haha. I knew you’d be back!”

“Oh, would you stop!? You are so arrogant! I’ve never even tasted your cookies!!!”

“What a relief. You don’t need to be eating any cookies.”

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!!? What are you trying to say!?!?!?


“Hmph. I actually came…to ask for a favor…”

“A favor?”

“Yes…I want to know if…you can make me 10,000 cookies…”

“……………………………….like I said…you don’t need it.”

“It’s not for me!!! Well, I mean, I’m NOT going to eat them! I need them so I can pay the pterodactyls to fly me back to my homeland across the oceans!”

“Homeland meaning Dinoland? I’vebeen there before, that place is terrible. I lost my arm because a T-rex tore my arm off. That is why I live here now. With a bunch of happy and simple people. Why would you want to go back to that place?”

“Well…Cheesyville just isn’t for me. And no offense, but it’s no place for you either. You are really…not like the people in Cheesyville. You are rude and arrogant. And the only person without a kissing buddy.”

“Well, I am half robot…I have no feelings to love. I know that I am different from the people here, but I guess their ways make my mind at ease. I don’t like stress, which is why I bake cookies all day.”

“You’re only HALF robot. I’m sure somewhere down your rude persona you are half a decent…thing. Well if you don’t want to help me then that is fine. I will make my own cookies.”

“Hmmmmmmmm….I will help you. But only if you eat one of my cookies.”

“Are you going to poison it.”

“Haha, no. I just love looking at my customers take a bite of my delectable cookies. You never know, maybe you’d love it so much, you’d end up staying in Cheesyville.”

“Riiiiigghhht. OK, promise, I’ll eat your cookie once we are done baking.”

“Can you help me make them? 10,000 cookies is a lot. Those pterodactyls pawned you.”


“The name’s Teeny Tep. Some call me tiny-hearted because I’m not as friendly as everyone else here.” “Hahaha. I’m Renegade Poopersaurus…”

“…………….so you’re a poop dinosaur? Is that your species?”

“UGH, enough with the species thing!”

“OK, OK, sorry…”

So the two of them went to work on the 10,000 cookies. The odds of them getting along were slim, but for some reason, they were in separable. Both of them were always SMILING and CHEESING when they were around each other. Customers would come in and ask…”Are you really Tiny-Hearted Tep?” Yup, they were just THAT happy.

Finally, the 10,000 cookies were complete. Renegade and Tiny Tep had a blast baking cookies together, making fun at each other and throwing cookie dough everywhere. Little did Renegade Poopersaurus know…that she was finally happy.  The pterodactyls were on their way to pick Renegade Poopersaurus up, so she went to go visit Tiny Tep one last time…

“Greetings, welcome to the Chocolate Chip Delight Shop, where our cookies will make you melt…..” greeted the short stranger in a monotonous voice. Well, it wasn’t a greeting, more like a phrase. “Um, oh, hi,” replied Poopersaurus. “Hi,” responded the robot. And this is how the conversation went:

“So when are we eating these cookies?”

“You know I can’t…I have to go…”


“I’m sorry…but the pterodactyls are coming and they’re not friendly folk.”

“Renegade…I don’t want you to leave…”

“….oh why?”

“Because you–”


Here come the pterodactyls!!! But something was wrong with them…they started to spit fireballs all over Cheesyville. Renegade Poopersaurus was stunned, why are they causing so much chaos? She ran outside to speak to them and tell them to calm down, she had the cookies. “We don’t WANT your cookies!! We want this WHOLE town!!!!! Get out of our way, or you will get hurt!!”

“NO!! Get out of this town, you don’t belong here!”

“Get out, you stupid dinosaur, or you will pay the price!”

Renegade Poopersaurus was getting REALLY angry. She had a fire in her that no one could beat if it was crossed. So she began to talk to them to death, this technique was called “The Mouth of Power.” She would talk and talk and yell and yell until they could take no more. “OK, OK!!! they whined. We give up!” the pterodactyls pleaded. “GO HOME!!!!” Renegade Poopersaurus screamed. She watched the pterodactyls fly away, crying. Renegade Poopersaurus was the hero of Cheesyville. Everyone cheered and gave Renegade Poopersaurus high fives. But oh no, where was Tiny Tep? She went back to the shop to look for him. When she went inside, there was no greeting. Hmmmmmmmmm. “Tep, Tep?” she cried. Suddenly, she heard sobbing from the oven. She opened it up and saw Tiny Tep, shivering.


“It’s just me, what’s wrong?”

“Oh…I thought you were the pteradactlys…”


“….I’m sorry.”

“Sorry isn’t enough!!! What were you doing in here anyway, out of ALL hiding places?!”

“…I was saving something for you…”


Tiny Tep held out his hand. Sitting on the palms of his bionic hands was one heart-shaped chocolate-chip cookie, which read, don’t leave. I love you.

Renegade Poopersaurus was speechless. All she could get out was a tear. She responded “If that’s how you feel, then I’m not going anywhere.”

They bought a house in Cheesyville and ran the Cookie Shop. They got married on top of Mt. Cheesy on a cliff, and had three beautiful Robot Part stegosaurus slash t-rex slash triceratops slash question mark babies.

And they lived…



Resident Evil 5

June 27, 2013

ZOMBIES!!!!!! Only…there are NO zombies in Resident Evil 5. If you’ve ever followed the game franchise, zombies were pretty much obsolete in RE 4. In Resident Evil 5, you follow Chris Redfield as a BSAA member and his partner Sheva to infiltrate a town in Africa and figure out what is going on there with all the sacrifices and infestations and what not. Instead of zombies, there are now Uroboros that possess humans and turn them into virus-infected creatures that want to kill you.

The game is GREAT overall, a first-person shooter type, much of like Resident Evil 4. You can also play co-op with another player. There are things you must be aware of in RE5. BEWARE the chainsaw guys! I HATE THEM! They’re fast and pop out of nowhere, let alone hard to defeat. Even if you shoot them a few times, they don’t even flinch. Make sure you have a magnum at least to bring them down. Once you’re in their spot of death, they’ll quickly saw your guts away. Also, RE5 has a tendency to have a boss leader almost on every stage/chapter. It would be wise to carry at least one power weapon just to defeat them.

As for the infinite weapon, you do not necessarily HAVE to beat the game to get infinite ammo. You merely just have to upgrade one of your weapons to the max, including critical hit stars. Once you do this, you can go to the settings and for Infinite Ammo, switch it to ‘Yes.’ When you’re looking through your inventory, you won’t be able to see that you have infinite ammo until you actually start the game. So far, I’ve upgraded my shotgun and handgun, but if I were to start over I wouldn’t even bother wasting my gold to upgrade my handgun.

Overall, I give this game a 9. Awesome game, awesome graphics. I only wish though that there were still zombies, hence, it doesn’t seem like a horror action game anymore like it use to.

Chris Brown – Without You

January 28, 2012

Without You

Disneyworld 2011

January 28, 2012

Haven’t been on here for the longest! I guess I got busy with my deployment, but I’m thinking I should pick this back up for the new year. I’m going to start off by talking about my trip to Disneyworld!!!

We stayed at one of Disneyworld’s Moderate Resorts, called the Coronado Springs in Orlando, Florida. I highly recommend staying at one of these resorts, since Disney will take care of you 100% guaranteed! When we arrived to the Orlando International Airport, there was transportation for sole Disneyworld Resort Guests from the airport to their destination at the resort. It was called the Disney Magical Express. They give you the travel voucher and you are off! Take the bus to the resort, the bag servers will take care of the baggage for you. The people at the front desk werre very helpful. They would give you your room card, which is also your park access card, and gave us information on the parks as well as what we could do on the resort. The resort was nice–it included a game room, laundry service, a swimming pool called “the dig site” as well as a jacuzzi. They had a convenient store, a gift shop, as well as three restuarants that you can choose from to eat out. The room there was nice, however, the shower’s water was pretty cold. That was probably the only downfall on the resort.

Now I will talk about the theme parks we actually went to. The price for each park ticket cost the same–$89 dollars. So if you’re planning on getting out here for a vacation, you will probably spend the big bucks! This is one of the reasons why we only went to two parks for our 5 days in Orlando. The first one we went to was Hollywood Studios. This was my favorite. There are a whole bunch of shows that Disney performs to get the crowd entertained. The last show, Fantasmia, was a worthwhile scene. It is a show projected on the water. Fire and fireworks were everywhere. The hollywood Terror of Terror ride was pretty scary. It’s an elevator that goes up and down–doesn’t sound too horrific but it can really get your stomach churning. The Magic Kingdom was the next park we went to, which I was kind of disappointed in. But, it is definitely a nice park to bring kids. They actually have rides, which isn’t a big theme at Disneyworld. The ride that I mostly recommend is Space Mountain. I believe there are actually 7 “worlds” at the Magic Kingdom, one of which is being built. The parades was also a blast. The main one was at night, when the kingdom actually turned different colors and end with a firework theme. Be sure to eat a turkey leg and their churros when you’re there!

There are other things to do at Orlando. We checked out Downtown Disney, which we were at A LOT due to Christmas shopping. Tons and tons of neat Disney shops as well as amazing restuarants. We spent a good $90 at Wolfgang Puck, a californian restuarant. It is probably one of the best American cuisine I’ve ever had! We had the calamari, BBQ chicken pizza, the pumpkin ravioli, sushi, and finally a chocolate shortcake altogether. Sounds llike a simple dish, but all of them were GREAT. They also have an AMC as well as the Cirque de Soleil there at the end if you want entertainment. We also went to the Lake Buena Vista Outlet Mall, where a lot of things are SUPER cheap. At Echo Untld, I got a jacket that should be $60 for the price of $20. The shirts were only $5-$10 bucks. If you wanna get shopping down, go here. It’s not too far from the resort area.

The only thing I regret about being in Disneyworld is not being there longer. There are so many other things that we could’ve done i.e. explored ALL the parks or go to Orlando Studios.  I’ve always wanted to check out the Harry Potter theme park, so we will be going back to Orlando some time in the future. Thank you, disney, for making me feel like a kid again 😀

This Girl

May 30, 2011

To: My Baby Renee Ross ( I LOVE YOU)


I know of a girl who’s very special to me

This girl, a stranger she was

But now important as can be

This girl knows how to treat me right

She knows what’s truthful and fair

And that is why this girl

Is beyond what I normally care

About anyone else in the world

No one can compare

To the kindness, sweetness, and smiles

That she would dare to use on me

And that is why I fell in love with her so effortlessly


This girl is always happy

But makes known her other feelings

That’s why I always feel that

I’m the one who should do her healing

She’s one of those who you always want to make happy

I know all of this sounds a bit tacky

But cheesy is what happens to me when I’m with her

I am the bread and she is the butter

I am plain, dry, and boring

Until spread with creamy, smooth delight

She is so sexy when we get into a fight


All I can say about this girl is that I care a lot about her

And that she cares about me

And that I will always love her

Forever. Endlessly